Tree Services

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

In Florida, there are many reasons to trim and prune your trees. Professional tree experts should always be consulted before you start in order to ensure the natural beauty and stability of the tree is maintained. In addition, hundreds of people are injured each year as a result of trimming their own trees, as it is a dangerous business. Tree trimming requires skill and expertise and should be left to professional tree trimmers who are licensed and insured to protect both you and your tree. Improper tree trimming can also lead to disease and bug infestation.

The Millennium staff has the knowledge necessary about each variety of Florida tree as well the proper equipment in order to safely and expertly trim your trees without causing long-term damage to the tree. Our tree pruning includes: pruning of dead, dying, diseased, low, interfering, weak or hazardous branches, thinning for light and wind filtration and mistletoe removal.

Millennium tree trimming and pruning restores the natural beauty to your Florida trees while encouraging proper growth and ideal tree health. Tampa Bay Area residents have trusted Millennium for all their tree trimming and pruning needs since 2000.

ISA Certified Arborist # FL 9853A
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)
Licensed Pest Control Operator #JF186674

Tree Removal

Tree removal should be considered when trying to maintain or enhance the value of your property. Removing certain trees that are crowding or harming other trees can enhance the beauty of your Florida property. In addition, tree removal is required for trees that are dead, dying, diseased or have become dangerous to people or property and should be removed safely by a professional. Storm damaged tree removal and emergency tree removal service is available. We have experienced tree experts to safely and efficiently remove your trees.

Millennium is Tampa Bay’s storm tree removal and emergency tree removal experts, specializing in storm disaster clean up. Whether it’s a local “no name” storm, lightning damage, or larger disasters throughout the Southeast, you can count on Millennium to help. Our location makes us uniquely qualified to respond to storm related disasters in the Southeast. We provide hazardous tree and debris removal for Tampa Bay Area homeowners, businesses or on a Florida statewide level, utilizing tree crews, bucket trucks, cranes, chippers, grinders, loaders and dump trucks to quickly provide all phases of emergency tree work.

Certified Mangrove Pruning in Tampa Bay

Mangroves are tropical trees that offer a unique habitat along Florida’s estuaries. Many Tampa Bay neighborhoods have mangroves that require trimming. The Department of Environmental Regulation protects the trimming of these mangroves, so mangrove trimming should always be left to a professional. We can prune your mangroves professionally to meet all Florida state, county and city requirements.

Stump Removal

We will professionally and easily remove unsightly and unwanted tree stumps. Stump Removal is highly recommended as Florida’s termites love wood from a tree stump and often make their homes in the stump. In addition, tree stumps continue to grow, and roots can eventually wreak havoc on house foundations, pool areas, cement areas, etc.

ArborJet Services

Our unique method of developing formulations includes a pairing process which matches the active ingredient and application method with the physiology of the tree. Whether you’re looking to regulate tree growth, add nutrients to your trees, or address insect and disease control, ArborJet has a product for you.

ArborJet equipment injects insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers directly into the tree. Tree injection can be compared to a hospital I.V., we inject our formulations directly into the trees vascular system where it distributes throughout the tree.

Tree Fertilization

Millennium offers deep root fertilization service to provide the necessary nutrients to your Florida trees below the surface where it can be easily absorbed. In a normal Florida tree, a minimum of one tree fertilization application per year is recommended. In a stressed tree, up to six professional tree fertilization applications is recommended for optimum results.

Sick Tree Diagnosis and Management

Our Tampa Certified Arborists are trained to recognize, diagnose, and care for trees that have developed problems or that have become hazardous. Some of the most common things we look for in expert tree care is dead wood, decay, cankers, insect destruction and chemical poisoning.

Tree Herbicide Application

Tree herbicides are applied to kill undesirable trees, like Brazilian peppers, Australian pines and Melaleuca, stumps and foliage which compete with our native Florida species. Our Tampa tree care experts spray various commercial herbicides to address your specific needs. A state license is required for this service and you can trust Millennium as a licensed Tampa Bay tree care company.