Tiki Huts


Tiki Huts

Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with a custom Tiki Hut! With one of our unique structures, you’ll feel like you’re at a relaxing resort, every time you step outside. Being made from wood and a Palm-thatched roof, these huts are designed to keep you cool in the blazing Florida heat.

  • Fun Fact: It is 10-15 degrees cooler under a Tiki Hut than being outside!


Not sure what would look best on your property? Millennium has hands-on expertise to help make recommendations for your Tiki Hut, based on your property space and your personal taste. Our structures are built to stand up in Florida’s weather, giving you years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance!

We use pressure-treated wood or Cypress and Sable Fronds. We can also burn and lacquer posts and frames for a desired color!

  • Millennium can also complement your Commercial establishment with a Tiki Hut that can address all your needs and give added comfort to your patrons. You can see some of our structures at Raymond James Stadium.

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