Pottery and Fountains

CH347-349 Tall Egg Pots - Brown on Sky Blue


Here at Millennium, we offer a large variety of pots to choose from. Our pots range in height from 4 inches to 60 inches tall. Our pots come in so many colors and designs! Whether you want a neutral and plain pot or a bright multicolored pot, we have the selection for you. We have Terracotta, Ceramic, Plaster, Weather Resistant, Glazed, and Concrete pots, all which are priced and on display for the public to choose from. We import our pots directly from companies located out of Mexico, Spain, and several Asian and European countries.

We also carry a specialty item called a Chiminea. Chimineas are a great addition to a back yard or patio space. They are designed to keep you warm in the cold months of the year we get here in Florida. They come in a few different colors and designs, so stop by our nursery and showroom to see what we have in stock of them today!

Statues & Fountains

If you or someone you know are on the search for the most perfect fountain or statue of your landscape dreams, look no further! Millennium offers a large quantity and variety of fountains and statues to choose from. We have fountains that look like waterfalls, and bubblers that look like birdbaths. Not to mention the quality of the fountains that we offer. We provide only the highest quality for our customers, especially with our outdoor decor. Our fountains are made from weather resistant plaster and coating that can withstand high amounts of high heat, sun, wind, and rain. We also carry fountains made from Ceramics with a Glossy finish that come in various bright and fun colors to choose from!

We have tall, elegant marble statues or even small, cute critter statues that can dress up any home. If you do not have the means to take any of these item’s home on your own, no need to worry. We have a crew that is more than willing to make the delivery for you and your convenience.