ArborJet Tree Services

Tree Nutrition, Fertilization and Pest Control with ArborJet Services

Our unique method of developing formulations includes a pairing process which matches the active ingredient and application method with the physiology of the tree. Whether you’re looking to regulate tree growth, add nutrients to your trees, or address insect and disease control, ArborJet has a product for you.

ArborJet equipment injects insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers directly into the tree. Tree injection can be compared to a hospital I.V., we inject our formulations directly into the trees vascular system where it distributes throughout the tree.

By using Arborplugs, chemicals are sealed inside and quickly distributed throughout the trees vascular system, reaching the trunk, branches, and leaves. With over 10 years of research and development, our trunk injection systems and formulations are proven to give the best results when protecting trees from pests.

Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applied pesticides for tree insect or pest control. Unlike spraying or soil applications, ArborJets system injects directly into the tree, limiting any impact to your family, the applicator, and the environment around you.

Did you know?

That some of the biggest cities in the country use the Arborjet trunk injection system to treat their most valuable trees. Cities including Chicago and Milwaukee are using Arborjet trunk injection, with its two years of protection, to keep over 115,000 of their boulevard trees healthy.